Lost Circulation Materials

Specialty Drilling and Completion Products

Loss Circulation, Shale Instability, Torque & Drag and Poor Cement Practices are issues detrimental to any drilling or completion operation and often cause operations to come to a halt while a solution is developed leading to high costs on the AFE. Circulation Solutions' proprietary products consisting of LCM's, Lubricants, and Shale Stablizers/Filtration Control Agents offers proven engineered solutions to enhance your wellbore and reduce operators time and costs. Designed and engineered specifically for the oil and gas industry, our products can be used independently or in tandem to reduce the impact of drilling or completions complications including Loss Circulation, Formation Instability, Torque & Drag and Poor Cementing issues.

Oil and gas CompaniesOur proprietary blend of LCM's include both MultiSqueeze® and ASFiber® .

MultiSqueeze® is an acid-soluble, high solids squeeze material that is used to heal fractures, shoes, and perforations by sealing off the given zone and increasing the integrity of the wellbore. Multisqueeze® is custom engineered to number of different applications and is easy to use, needing no activators or retarders. ASFiber® is a blend of granules, flakes, and fibers in various sizes and shapes that provides a large (PSD) Particle Size Distribution range to plug off your pore throat, fractures, or perforations. ASFibers® can be applied in system concentrations, sweeps, or as a traditional squeeze.

Our lubricants include EcoLube and BiCenter Beads®. Both are utilized to aid in reducing Torque & Drag, increasing Rate of Penetration, and Drag Reduction during casing runs. EcoLube is an environmentally friendly proprietary blend of synthetics that has excellent lubricity properties and a high affinity for coating metal surfaces and solids in the drilling fluid. EcoLube is compatible in Water Base and Saltwater Base fluids and can be applied in both pill and system concentration. BiCenter Beads® is made up of various-sized gravity beads, which create an insoluble and non-abrasive ball-bearing lubrication effect. BiCenter Beads® is compatible in all mud systems and is easily applied as a pill/ or sweep.

ShaleBlock is our proprietary asphalt based product that is can be used as a Shale Stabilizer or Filtration Control Agent. It is compatible with both Water and Oil base systems up to 400 F. ShaleBlock is designed to extrude into the shale's pore throat, thus plugging off the pore and preventing the shale from hydrating and destabilization. It also provides excellent filtration properties.

Our team is ready to work with our customers to evaluate each project individually, and develop a customized solution to improve drilling efficiency. Our environmentally safe products developed by lost circulation experts are backed by a knowledgeable team who provide 24/7 technical support to assist you in completing your project on time and on budget. These experienced advisors work with each customer to evaluate specific project needs to determine the right product solution.

Our goal is to help each customer achieve maximum drilling or completions efficiency by minimizing or eliminating delays in the drilling program caused by circulation loss, shale instability, or torque and drag issues.

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