Legion Minutes-- 1992-1995

January 30, 1992


Commander Nelson called the meeting to order at 7:30P.M. with the following members present.

Lyman Bailey Weldon Lewis Jeff Thiesen

Don Von Ehwegen Gene Powell Ed Wollner

Tim Matthews Jerry Nelson Steve Oleson

S.A.L. members were:

Craig Von Ehwegen       Michael Powell            Doug Nelson

Loni Brant                     Tim Fairchild              Steve Hansen

Dan Kelley                     Dale Langner              Mike Meyer

Adam Nelson                 Josh Nelson                Thad Nelson

Marc Oleson                  Keith VanKleek          Robert Von Ehwegen

Special Guests were:

American Legion State Commander: Ed McGivern

S.A.L. State Commander: Jaye Johnson

Milford and Spirit Lake Legion Commanders

5 S.A.L. members from Palmer and Legion and S.A.L. wives and families.

The colors were advanced by Craig and Don Von Ehwegen. The M.I.A. and P.O.W. flag was presented by Marc and Steven Oleson.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and Commander Nelson read the Pre-Amble.

The December minutes were read by Steve Oleson and Ed Wollner gave the Chaplain's Prayer.

Commander Nelson introduced the American Legion State Commander, Ed McGivern and State S.A.L. Commander Jaye Johnson. Nelson explained that both these Commanders were here to present the Charter for the Sons of the American Legion chapter newly formed in Terril. Nelson gave a brief history on the S.A.L. organization.

Commander McGivern talked about the purpose of the American Legion and what an honor it is for our post to have a S.A.L. unit. He also complimented us on all the community projects the two units have accomplished together in the past year. He also talked about the Legion Auxiliary and what a great asset they are to the Legion.

Commander McGivern then presented the S.A.L. charter to S.A.L. Commander Johnson, who in turn presented the Charter to Commander Nelson. Following the chain of command, the Charter was then pre-sented to local S.A.L. Commander, Craig VonEhwegen.

Commander Jaye Johnson then gave a talk about the purpose of S.A.Las a community organization. He then presented pins representing the unity of the three organizations to Commanders Nelson and VonEhwegen and Marge Wollner, who represented the Legion Auxiliary.

Commander Nelson announced that there were cake and beverages for all to enjoy and adjourned the meeting at 8:30P.M.


Steve Oleson


March 26, 1992


    Commander Nelson called the meeting to order at 8:00 p.m. with the following members present:

    David Brant           Tim Fairchild               Robert VonEhwegen

    Dennis Jackson      Keith VanKleek           Bernard Kelly

    Danial Kelly           Loni Brant                   Doug Nelson

    Michael Powell      Craig VonEhwegen       Jerry Nelson

    Steve Oleson

The colors were presented and the MIA and POW flag was displayed.  The Pledge of Allegiance and the Pre Amble were recited  by the membership.

The minutes of the February meeting were read by Steve Oleson.  S.A.L. Commander Craig VonEhwegen gave a report on the S.A.L. meeting which was held prior to the Legion meeting.

Steve Oleson gave a report on the Building Comm..  He advised that they were looking into prices for windows and that Rich Loring was figuring estimates on other building repairs.

Nelson reported that the Entertainment Comm. was looking into bus trips to Jackpot Junction and a Twins Ball game.  He also reported that the Memorial Comm. has a speaker lined up for Memorial Day services.

Nelson asked for volunteers to help with the Spring Vegas night on Sat. March 28th.  Setup of for the games is to be at 9:00 A.M. on Saturday.

Nelson reported that Eleanor Upward gave a donation of $130 and thanked the Legion for their part in helping with Dale Upwards funeral services.

Nelson appointed the following members to the Nominating Comm..

    Cleo Hopkins        Guy Hoppe              Bernard Kelly

    Russell Miller       Ed Wollner               David Brant

The membership decided to set up a clean-up day to clean the building some time after the Spring Vegas Night.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 P.M..


Steve Oleson



The meeting was called to order by Commander Nelson at 8:15 P.M. with the following members present:

Stanley Nelson        Lyman Bailey       Keith Van Kleek

Michael Powell       Jeff Thiesen          Craig Von Ehwegen

Jerry Nelson           Steve Oleson

An informal meeting was held due to the low membership turnout.

Stanley Nelson gave a Memorial comm. report. Stanley said that they are working on getting WW II uniforms to be worn during the services and he is also working on the program. Craig said that the S.A.L. members were planning on grilling hamburgers following the services. It was also decided to hold the May meeting on May 21 st prior to Memorial Day.

Dewey Torkelson gave a report on the Fellowship of Christian Athletes organization of which he is the leader. He told about the organization and their activities. It was decided to discuss giving the group a donation at a later meeting.

Steve Oleson gave a report on the building comm. Oleson report4that he had received bids for some of t6he building repairs from Rich Loring. A motion was made by Mike Powell and seconded by Jeff Thiesen to replace and repair the upstairs windows at a cost of $2510.00. The repairs will include the replacement of 6 windows with Vinyl replacement windows and siding of 3 additional openings. The motion carried.

A motion was made by Stanley Nelson and seconded by Lyman Bailey to accept the bid of $680.00 to knock a hole in the wall between the east & west rooms and installation of a 3 ft door to make the downstairs of the building wheel chair accessible. Motion carried.

Commander Nelson advised that Eleanor Upward was going to donate a plaque for Legionnaire of the Year Award.

S.A.L. Members discussed having a farm safety class for the school kids sometime before fall harvest.

Meeting adjourned at 9.30 P.M.

Steve Oleson



July 30, 1992


The meeting was called to order by Commander Nelson at 8 p.m.. The colors were advanced by Dave and Lonnie Brant.  The MIA and POW flag was presented by Marc Oleson.

The minutes of the June meeting were read by Steve Oleson.  The financial report was given by Commander Nelson showing a balance of $1873 in the checking, $5602 in the building fund and $1213 in the Avenue of Flags account.

S.A.L. Commander Craig VonEhwegen gave a report on S.A.L. activities.  Commander Nelson introduced new Legion member Roger Tifft.  Roger's son Scott gave a report on Boys State and Scott also joined as a S.A.L. member.

Steve Oleson gave a building committee report on the progress of the building repairs.  Commander Nelson asked for suggestions on colors to paint the building.

Don VonEhwegen, Steve Hanson, Keith VanKleek and Pete Jepson volunteered to march in the Color Guard for the Milford Centenial parade.  Legionnaire of the Year was awarded to Steve Oleson.

Election of Officers were as follows:

Commander: Jerry Nelson                1st Vice: Galen Kreiger

2nd Vice: Harley Kraft                     Treasure: Tim Matthews

Sgt. at Arms: Dennis Jackson           Service Officer: Darwin Will

The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 p.m..


Steve Oleson




October  28, 1993


Meeting of Walsh Post 432 called to order by Cmdr. Nelson, October 28, 1993,  with 9 members present.

Members present were:

Dennis Jackson          Bernard Kelley

Chester Martin          Robert Schacherer

Robert Wagner

Sons of the American Legion:

Tim Fairchild           Michael Powell

Chaplains Prayer:  Robert Wagner Legion Chaplin

The Adjutant read the minutes of the last meeting and they were approved as read.

Cmdr.  Nelson reported, in the absence of the Treasurer, reported a balance of $2106.22.

Cmdr.  Nelson has submitted his letter of resignation as Veterans Affairs Commissioner.  Donald Von Ehwegen will serve as Veterans Affairs Commissioner.

Motion made by Dennis Jackson - seconded by Michael Powell to send a Letter of Support by Walsh Post 432 for Donald Von Ehwegen.  Motion carried.

Motion made by Bernard Kelley - seconded by Dennis Jackson to raise membership dues from the current $20.00 to $25.00 effective 1 January 1994 to offset the National Dues increase.  Motion carried.  As a reminder members who do not pay their dues in December will have to pay the increased amount.

Discussion concerning the price of the December 7 Pancake Breakfast.  The Legion will be serving various omelets and pancakes at the same price as the pancake and sausage breakfast.

Discussion concerning forming a Centennial Committee to represent the Post at the Centennial Committee.  Possible items of interest include a membership drive, war display, and a newspaper supplement listing all past and present members of Walsh Post 432.  We would like to have a WWII Member serve as Chairman.  Michael Powell and Robert Wagner volunteered to serve on the committee.  Anyone who would like to serve on the committee or have other ideas please let us know.

Color Guard for Friday Nights Game will be Dennis Jackson and Jerry Nelson.

Bernard Kelley gave a committee report on the upcoming Feather Party.  The turkeys have been ordered for Bingo prizes and should arrive on the 17th or 18th.  A television has been purchase for the raffle.  Jerry Nelson is going to take care of radio ads, signs and tickets.  All members are invited to help for whatever time they can.  Set-up time will be at 1 p.m.

It was decided to move the meeting time to 7 p.m. during the winter months effective with the November Meeting.

For planning purposes the Kiwanis will be using the Legion building on January 16, 1994.

An apology goes out to Darwin Will for missing his Birthday on the 20th of Oct.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:59 p.m.

Roger E. Tifft








Legion Minutes--1995


August 30, 1995


Regular meeting of Walsh post 432 was called to order by commander Wagner at 8:05 Wednesday Aug. 30 1995.

Flags were posted by Cleo Hopkins and Archie Birt.  Placing of the POW/MIA flag - Archie.

Legion members present were Commander Wagner,  Acting Adj. Nelson, Cleo Hopkins, Marv Swenson, Leonard Zitterich, Ed Wollner, Archie Birt, Tim Matthews.

Minutes from July meeting read and approved. Treasurers report given by Com. Wagner of $4147.47 with outstanding coke bill of $352.75.

Archie and Jerry will get together with Harold and put the grave marker on Merle Lewis's grave.

It was decided the legion will try to get everyone in town to save pop tabs for the Ronald Mc Donald house (a place for kids with cancer and their families to stay). Then in April 96 take the tabs to the Mall of America to help set a new record of tabs collected. Archie will head up this project.

Motion by Cleo Hopkins, 2nd by Leonard Zitterich to give the Aux. $500.00 for now to help pay for the new carpet in the west room. And to hold a joint fund raiser with the Aux. to pay for the rest of the carpet. Motion carried. Ed Wollner will coordinate the fund raiser with the Aux.

A committee formed to get together with the Aux. to look into more storage space. Tim, Jerry, Ed and Cleo volunteered.

Putting a spot light on the flag pole on Main St. so the flag could be left out at night was discussed.

The problem of our flag poles at the cemetery being to close together was discussed.  It was decided to put ropes on all poles and try to space poles about 12' apart and put in cement next spring.

Meeting adjourned 9:10.

Acting Adj

Jerry Nelson



September 27, 1995


Regular meeting of Walsh Post 432 was called to order by Commander Wagner at 8:00 p.m. Wednesday September 27, 1995. 

Colors were presented by Leonard & Cleo, POW Flag was placed by Archie. 

Members present were; Leonard Zitterich, Cleo Hopkins, Archie Birt, Stanley Nelson, Don Von Ehwegen, Marv Swenson, Rick Jetten, Ed Wollner, Denny Jackson & Jerry Nelson. 

Treasures report given by Don Von Ehwegen. Balance on hand of $5,107.90 with no dues paid and the $1,000 not transferred to the train savings account. 

Archie Birt took the tabs off and counted our cans (6,000). 

The Terril First Responders will Join us in our Pull For Cancer Project. 

Homecoming was discussed- Denny lined up Color Guard volunteers For the parade and the Football game. 

Feather Party Discussion; Jerry will check with Lonnie Brant on rocking chair; tickets for the chair will be sent out with the Oct. letter; Denny will get black jack dealers; The meeting in Nov will be held the 15th to get ready for the feather party. 

A thank you from The Good Samaritan Home in Estherville was read thanking us for providing the train for their entertainment.

Discussion on west room: Don will get new rubbers for our chairs so we don't tear the new carpet;

There will be "no smoking" signs put up in west room. 

Motion by Denny Jackson to get class C liqueur license. 2nd by Cleo - motion carried. 

We will hold a pancake breakfast in Dec. 

Rick Jetten will be our new Adjutant. 

Meeting adjourned at 9:04. 

Acting Adj.

Jerry Nelson