Commander Messages --1995


Post Closing



January 1995








We will hold our meeting Nov. 17 at 8:00. We will get things ready for the Feather Party Nov 19th. The more people that show up the less work for everyone. If you can't make it to the meeting call Bernard Kelley (853-6432) to volunteer to help with the Feather Party.

The fund raisier went well for the ambulance. I understand we took in $680.00.  With the $650.00 matching funds from AAL the squad can buy equipment that will benefit our community.

Sorry about leaving early from the fund raiser but I had to go to the 9th district meeting to fill them in on the law suit that Wendy Kilts has filed against the Commander of Arnolds Park and the State Adjutant. More about this at the meeting.

Merlin Shipper (department Chaplin) was at this meeting. He said he shouldn't have turned us down completely for Memorial Day, he has 1997 open and will pencil us in for then.

Our Centennial picture is done and back the Auxiliary is deciding where to hang it, looks great.

We also have 12 coffee cups for sale at the Country Boutique with our medallion of IWO JIMA on it. I haven't seen them yet but I'm told they look real nice.

We will raffle a glider rocker with an ottoman for the Feather Party. Again the top ticket seller will get a $20.00 gift certificate at The Hangar. The tickets (enclosed) sell for $1.00 each, don't need to be present to win and they can choose the color they want.

Some of you will find your membership cards enclosed so look carefully.

Local members should get this in time to be your third reminder of the Veterans Day program the school is holding for us. We will meet at the school at 8:45.

November 1944


1  British take Salonik

5  Soviet tanks in Budapest

6 Stern gang assassinates British Minister, Lord Moyne, in Cairo

7 Soviet Agent sorge Eexecutedin Tokyo

7  Roosevelt elected for fourth term

8  British and Canadians cleat the schelde

10 allies recognize partisan leader Enver Hoxha as Albanian head of government

11 British home guard disbanded

12 British bombers sink the Tirpitz

18 General Stilwell leaves Chinese command

19 British invade Burma on wide front

20 London blackout ends

24 Japanese southward drive in China captures Nanning

25 Patton takes Metz

25 British submarine destroys Japanese cargo ship with 50 east Indian women and children on board

28 port of Antwerp opened to allied shipping


Commander Nelson



February 1995


Lawrence McFarland from Lake Park passed away last week.  All of the Legion Post and VFWS in Dickinson County had their color guards at the funeral. It was an impressive sight. Lawrence (Mac)was a very dedicated caring man who served the veterans of Dickinson county for forty two years. Mac  fought a thirteen  year battle with cancer. When I started with the Veteran Affairs Mac's cancer was in remission but it didn't stay there long. When it came back the second time he had to have surgery. When I went to visit him in the hospital after his surgery he grasped my hand, squeezed and with tears in his eyes said" Jerry they think that they got it all. I have resigned from all of the other boards I'm on so I can concentrate all my strength on Veteran Affairs. If I find out I cannot serve the veterans well I will resign". I knew from that conversation that the veterans of Dickinson County were very important to Mac & second only to his family.   Mac was able to serve the veterans until his cancer came back about three years later.  Knowing that he wouldn't be able to serve the veterans the way they deserved, he resigned as Director of Veteran Affairs. I would like to thank Archie, Lyman, and Harold for helping with the color guard.

Good news!! Last month I told you about the $300 we owed for liquor tax and that I applied for tax exempt status, well we were granted that request and it looks like we will get back $500 in back taxes.

The Super Bowl went well, there wasn't as big a crowd as last year but we got all the squares sold. We should have made about $700.

CENTENNIAL UPDATE.  All  our 75th anniversary 5" Plates (except the WWI) are here. You can see them at the meeting. There is going to be a fly-in Sunday morning and the Centennial committee wants to know if we would provide the pancake breakfast.

We still need ideas for the opening ceremonies (flag raising) that the Legion is doing.  We need do discuss our American Flag (colors). I had it dry cleaned two years ago but it is really yellowed and we need a new one. I would like to see the S.A.L. Get their colors soon. They have to order before 3/15 to get them by Memorial Day. The cost will be over $500. The S.A.L.  Balance is over $700.

Meeting Thurs 2/26 7:00

Commander Nelson

February 1945

4  Yalta conference

3  Macarthur's forces in  Manila

12 Amnesty granted to Greek communists

13 Dresden destroyed

19 U.S. invasion of Iwo Jima

20 Churchill and Roosevelt meet in Cairo

21 Turkey declares war on Germany

23 100,000 Filipinos slaughtered by Japanese in Manila

24 Egyptian Prime Minister                assassinated after declaring was on Axis

27 U.S. forces recapture                      Corregidor





March 1995



We will no longer be doing the meal on Friday for  the Centennial.  One person complained that the only one that was going to make money from the Centennial was the Legion.  Rather than have misconception spread about the Legion I felt withdrawing from this was best.  I must emphasize that it was only one person.  Everyone else realizes how much the Legion has done for the Centennial.

For our opening ceremonies, Tim Fairchild has arranged for a Fly By by F-16s at 5:15.  After that we will have the National Anthem, raising of the flag and the release of balloons. If you have any other ideas let me know.

Scott Tifft has been awarded Intelligence Specialist of the year, this is what the Navy had to say about Scott.

Selected as Comusnavcent's Intelligence Specialist of the Year.  Unquestionably deserving of the award, he is clearly at the top of a very talented group of junior professionals. 

Head and shoulders above his peers, Seaman Tifft's accomplishments highlight a budding professional.  He performs at a level expected of senior petty officers.  His overall outstanding performance points to unlimited potential.  Seaman Tifft is strongly recommended for advancement and all programs leading to a commission.

It makes you proud to see one of our S.A.L. members go on to serve our country this well.  I know that if Roger was alive he would be very proud of Scott.

Meeting Thur. 7:00

S.A.L. colors have been ordered

rifle account has $ 843.00, sell those tickets

Commander Nelson


March 1945

2  U.S. Forces reach the Rhine

3  Finland declares war on Germany

3  fall of Manila

5  Meiktila captured in Burma Campaign

6  Killings and deportations of poles by Russians reported in detail

7  Rhine bridge captured at Remagen

9  84,000 civilians killed in Tokyo firestorm

11 Vietnam declares independence

11 Huge air raid destroys Krupp works in Essen

19 Japanese evacuate Mandalay

21 precision raid destroys gestapo records in Copenhagen but kills 86 children

21 Guderian dismissed for advising an armistice

22 Kesserlring replaces Rundstedt in command of defense of Germany

22 Arab League formed in Cairo

25 Allied Forces cross the Rhine

25 Underground Nazi group assassinates allied-installed Mayor of Aachen

25 Heavy air attacks continue on Japanese cities

27 Non-communist polish negotiators arrested by Russians

28 Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg arrested by Russians in Poland

29 Russians enter Austria      



May 1995



It rained (good news & bad) so I got a break to get this written. I'll make it short.

SAL color are here.

Memorial Day 10:00 Monday May 29 th. Please be there by 9:30.

We have four flags to dedicate Don Olson, Roy Glover, Lloyd Birt and Tomas Ferguson. We will give out continuous memberships to Sam Zehnder-50 yrs, Dave Brant & Joe Feldman-40 yrs, Jim Moyer & Dar Will-35 yrs and Charles Willison-30 yrs. 1995 marks 50 yrs. Since the end of World War II and we will recognize World War II vets. We are putting the flags out Sunday at 7:30 am, Meet at the cemetery. There will be coffee & donuts at the legion after the ceremonies.

Our speaker is John Tonsfeldt. John is the Dickinson County Director of Veterans Affairs. John spent 27 years in the Army.


The food committee has decided to let everyone serve whatever they want so we have a change in our food. John Reno has lined up a refrigerator for us and I have 2500# of ice coming. Dennis is working on the color guard. I have made out a work schedule, look it over & sign up. Bob Fairchild has sold another book of rifle tickets, the rest of us aren't doing so well. If you have picnic tables we could use for the beer garden please let us know.

We still need nominations for Legionaire of the year.

Meeting Thursday May 25 8:00 pm

Commander Nelson









Come to the meeting on Thursday February 27th at 7:00 P.M. and decide the future of YOUR Legion Post.

Our heat bill was $1000.00 for the last two months.  We take $4,000 to $5,000 out of our community each year and give to utilities and insurance companies.  That money is getting harder to raise.  We held a pancake breakfast last week and made about $150.  There weren’t many people there which makes me believe that we received a lot of donations.

Here are some options for discussion:

▸         Close the Legion

▸         Join with the community and build a community building

▸         Be active in your legion and volunteer more

▸         Increase our dues to $100.00 per member to cover our fixed cost.

▸         Join another Legion

▸         Close the Legion in the winter

Unless we take action now our legion will be forced to close.