Commanders Messages 1991-1992



February 1991



Patriotism is alive in Terril

The flags on the highway really look impressive, they make a  positive statement about Terril. A lot of the businesses are flying their flags now, please tell these businesses how much you appreciate their support for the troups.

We should be very proud of the students in our school.

They have had different displays in the lobby. They have made posters, a flag display and a display with serviceman names and addresses so students can write to them. Some of the teachers have asked me about different things that their students want to do for the troops. Our post bought a 20' banner to hang across the highway and the students had contest to come up with the slogan to put on it and they are also going to paint it for us. We made up buttons that have the American flag in the center and the statement "support Desert Storm" on them. We offered the buttons to the students, giving away over 300 buttons, with almost 100% participation. I think everything the kids are doing really speaks well of our youth in Terril!

The legion is selling buttons, yellow ribbons, flags that you can sew on your shirt or coat and red white & blue ribbons that a local serviceman wife started making  to show her support for the troops.  All of these items we are selling at break even price, we don't feel it is right to profit from the war.

I know I shouldn't do this because I run the risk of leaving someone out but I hope that I will be forgiven.

I need to thank some people for all their help so here goes.

The dance committee for the Milford Centennial Dance.

For working the dance:

Guy Hoppe                      Candie Nelson

Harley & Deloris Craft    Tim Matthews

Denny Jackson

Putting up the flags on the light poles:

Steve Oleson

Guy Hoppe

Denny Jackson

The color guard at the bb game:

Denny Jackson           Steve Oleson

Dave Brant              Don Von Ehwegen

The entertainment committee for the soup supper:

Working the soup supper:

Harley Kraft                   Jeff Thiesen

Guy Hoppe                     Dave Brant

Steve Oleson                  Dan Miller

Don Von Ehwegen         Pete Pedersen

Bernie Von Ehwegen

For helping us sell the ribbons & flags:

The crew at the elevator

Julie Thiesen

The crew at the Telephone Co.

I would also like to thank the Ladies Aux. for inviting us to the Valentines party. The food was great!

We will be having soup after the meeting on Thursday and for those of you that didn't show up for the Valentines party get to do the dishes as promised.

March is the birthday of the American Legion. if you are interested in how the name "Walsh" was chosen come to the meeting Thursday.


Jerry Nelson



March 1991



I would like to thank everyone that helped with the pancake breakfast.  If my memory serves me correctly we feed 112 adults and 25 kids. It is hard to tell exactly how much we made because of the extra supples that we purchased this time but we should have made about $125.

We had to call off the pancake breakfast on the 24th because of other conflicting events. I hope that we can have the next on the 7th of April. The AAL has graciously offer to provide matching funds for this one so I hope that we have a good turn out.

As of this writing our banner isn't up but it will be soon.  The students have it painted, but Steve and I have to cut and glue the holes then we can hang it. They did a great job.  I told the Milford mail about what the students had done and they took pictures of the students and the banner that will be out this week, pick up a copy.

The teachers and administration were very helpful in getting the banner done, please tell them you appreciate their patriotism when you see them. There are some schools in our area that will not even let the Legion participate in anything at the school.

Would you like to know what happened at the first meeting that we have a record of in 1920 ? Come to the meeting Thursday March 28th at 8:00.



April 1991



I would like to welcome a new group of young, dedicated, community minded men to our legion.  They are the sons of the American Legion (SAL).  To join SAL you have to be a male descendent of someone that qualifies to be a Legionnaire. That means that this could be your grandfather even thou your father wasn't in the service. There is no age limit and you can be a member of the Legion and SAL. if you know of anyone that could join (your sons) let me know.

The pancake breakfast was great! We served 200 people and took in $785.00 with donations that came in later. the AAL will match $600.00 so minus our expense (not tallied yet) we should have over $1000.00 to help get our building in shape. I would like to thank the following people for working the breakfast.


Guy Hoppe         Stanley Nelson    Bernard Kelley       Harley Kraft

Tim Matthews     Ed Wollner          Steve Oleson          Jerry Nelson


Dale Langner    Mark Oleson       Robert Ehwegen       Greig Ehwegen

Thad Nelson     Josh Nelson         Adam Nelson            Mike Powell

I had to put my name in so SAL didn't have more than us!

We now have both of our display cases up. If your picture hasn't been displayed bring it to the meeting. We would like to have a 3 1/5 x 5. Everyone should thank Sam Zehnder for donating the money, we need more Legionnaires like Sam, willing to give of money and time.

We had the Milford Firemen Dance on the 6th. They tell me there was a decent crowd. We will get a report from Tim on how much we made at the meeting. I apologize for not listing the workers at the dance but I wasn't there.

Come to the meeting on the 26th and see our new display cases. We also will read the minutes of the second meeting in 1920.




May 1991



I am saddened to have to inform you that our legion was burglarized.  Some local juveniles broke in and stole liquor and cards. Our insurance does not cover us for theft.  Several parents have talked to me and apologized.  The police are handling the case and told me that it is out of our hands, we have no say whether we want to press charges or not.

Legion Boulevard-

This is what Don calls his new sidewalk.  Don gave me a thank you to put in the Legion letter.

A "big" thank you to the American Legion and son's of American Legion Walsh unit #432 for all of your work in putting in our new sidewalk.  Thanks to Cleo Hopkins for initiating the idea, to Commander Jerry Nelson and wife Candie, the bobcat made a hard job lot's easier.

 Thanks again!

 Don Erickson

I also would like to thank Cleo, he not only came up with this project but he handled all the details in getting it completed, this really helped me. I just wish he would have taken his hands out of his pockets and looked like he was doing something when we took pictures!  Thanks Cleo.

Thanks to everyone that helped with the sidewalk.  A project like this is why it's great to live in a caring community like Terril.  How caring are the people, just look at the list of names of Legionnaires & sons that helped and I'm sure that you will agree the people of Terril are no. 1.  Many of these guys worked both days.

Bernard Kelley      Harley Kraft             Josh Nelson

Dan Kelley            Mark Kraft               Candie Nelson

Adam Kelley         Don Ehwegen            Jerry nelson

Dennis Jackson      Robert Ehwegen       Stanley Nelson

Troy Jackson         Craig Ehwegen         Guy Hoppe

Lyman Bailey        Leonard Zitterich      Ed Wollner

Russell Miller        Steve Oleson             Marv Swenson

Scott Matthews      Mark Oleson            Harold Schnell

Tim Matthews        Doug Nelson            Wilbur Zelinsky

Dave Brant             Adam Nelson           Randy Blass

Don gave us a check for $125.00 even thou he knew that we didn't expect to get paid, Thanks Don.

Our meeting night has been changed to the 23 rd at 8:00 p.m. so we can make plans for Memorial Day. We have one flag to dedicate this year.

We still need pictures for our display case. The following is a list of the pictures that we do have, if your name isn't on the list we need your picture.



June 1991



I would like to thank everyone for helping with the Memorial Day service. There wasn't a big crowd but we were happy that the weather was nice so the farmers could get in the field.

This Saturday is the all class reunion. the Auxiliary didn't want to have the noon meal so we will do it.  We will have maidrites, chips, beans, and a desert. it should be an easy meal to serve. The reunion committee is paying for a band that night and at last count there were 650 people coming to the reunion. We sent out 250 post cards to out of town alumni informing them of the noon meal and dance. I don't know how many will come to the dance but I know that we will need lots of help Saturday.

Speaking of dance they tell me there was a good crowd at the wedding dance. Thanks to Tim Matthews, Steve and Mark Oleson for working the dance.

This month we will elect officers and install them at the steak fry. This way we should have a better turn out for the Commanders steak fry. Please come to the meeting with the attitude of what can I do for my Legion to help make it better.



July 1991




I think that is the only way to describe the all class reunion. The Legionnaires that worked all said the same thing, what a great feeling to be able to provide these classmates with a place to get together and renew old friendships. to see all the handshakes, hugs and laughter of people that hadn't seen each other in up to forty years really made you proud to be part of the reunion.  Many of the people that came to the Legion said that they don't know what the town would have done without us.

I want to thank everyone that worked the reunion and a special thanks to the wives that helped.  There were a lot of individuals that work a lot of long hot hours. I'm proud of the way you hung in there.  We took in over $1300.00.  I know the dance would have been a lot better if it wasn't so hot and the electricity hadn't gone off.


7/25 meal 6:30 meeting 7:30

These are some of the items to cover at the next meeting.

1. Installation of officers

2. Election of SAL officers

3. Having a work day on the Legion

4. Taking a bus trip to ?

5. The town is going to try to cement some of their streets and would like to have some     



 To be eligible to join the sons of the American Legion you must be a male descendant, adopted son or stepson of someone that qualifies to be a legion member, this person might be your great grandfather. Dues are $11.00 and you get to come to the Commanders steak fry for a free steak meal so your membership really cost you very little. We are thankful of the SAL members we have so far but would like to get a lot more.  If you are interested come to the steak fry July 25 th 6:30 at the Legion building.



August 1991



I would like to thank everyone for giving me the “Legionnaire of the Year” award, it is a great honor. I still believe that there are a lot of Legionnaires out there more deserving of this award than myself.

It's great living in a community that works together for the good of the community. I think everyone that ran the cement feels good about doing something for the town. Things went so well this year that we will try to run ten blocks next year. That sounds like a lot but it really won’t take long.

Monday your Legion presented a flag to the president of the student council (Dan Thompson) to fly for this school year. We did this in the school auditorium with the teachers and the high school students present. A short speech was given and we had the playing of the National Anthem. I want to thank the color guard for their participation, Dan Kelley, Bernard Kelley, Don Von Ehwegen, and Robert Von Ehwegen. It was fun to watch the fathers act like drill instructors and try to teach their sons how to handle the weapon. After a few minutes of instruction we all agreed that they were better than the navy guys!

Once again this year our color guard has the honor of leading the homecoming parade on Sept. 6th at 2:30. They will also raise the flag before the game on Saturday.

At this time I don't know how much money we took in for the wedding dance but judging by the crowd it was a good night. Thanks to Tim Matthews, Mike Powell, Gene Powell, Dale Langner, and Dennis Jackson for tending bar. I hope I didn't forget someone.

    Congratulations to our new SAL officers:

    Commander      Craig Von Ehwegen

    Adjutant            Mike Powell

    Treasure            Doug Nelson

Forde Fairchild was unable to come to the steak fry to give us a report on boys state but he will be to our meeting on Thursday Aug. 29 at 8:00.



September 1991



I must apologize, I have not been participating in the color guard so others could but at the football game I couldn't resist any longer. If you haven't been part of the color guard when they play the National Anthem you should try it, it gives you a feeling of pride that is hard to beat. I would like to thank the following people for being part of the color guard. Lyman Bailey, David Brant, Dennis Jackson, Bernard Kelley, Dan Kelley and Guy Eick.

We had two dances this month Tim can fill us in on how much money we took in. So many people helped that I know I would forget someone so I will just say thanks. I would like to thank Harold for coming to aid when the air conditioner quit.

The third and last block of cement for this year is done. It's great to see the community pull together on a project to improve Terril. While we were running the cement two cars pulled over and a bunch of people got out and introduced themselves as the city council from Newell. They had read about what we were doing in the newspaper, thought it was a good idea and came to see the streets. They just happened to catch us in action. That has to make you feel good when other communities come to Terril to see what we are doing as a community to improve our town.

Talk about an improvement, check out guys' place, it gives people a better first impression of Terril. The rafters are up and the roof is sheeted and shingled.

Some Legionnaires worked three days on the building. The second day guys were moving a little slower from sore muscles but no one complains when the project is a good one and this one was. The only complaint I had was that I never let some people know that wanted to help, sorry.


 Jerry Nelson



October 1991



I missed last month’s publishing deadline so I'm sending September with this months.

I know that some of you have received letters from our elected officials in response to our letters we sent them stating our concerns that a full accounting of POW/MIAS in Vietnam must be undertaken. I have a letter from Congressman Grandy that he asked me to read at our meeting.

I would like to thank all the snowbirds for helping with the pancake breakfast. Weldon Lewis, Stanley Nelson, Larry Mcvicker, Mike Meyer, Marv & Hazel Swenson and Leonard & Arlene Zitterich. The new non stick coating that Bill Gardner put on really works. We took in a little over $400.00. Steve will head up the next one on Nov 3.

The Terril First Responders will be taking bps every month at the breakfast. This is another way for us to provide a service for our community.

We will also be providing the building and pop free of charge to the Kiwanis so they can have a dance for the kids of the community. Steve can tell us more about it at our meeting.

We will need to discuss the feather party at this meeting. Mike has the tv ordered for us.


 Jerry Nelson



November 1991


Our meeting was canceled in October due to the weather being too nice! The pancake breakfast was also canceled on Sunday but it is rescheduled for Sunday Nov. 10th.

Joint Meeting

This month we will hold a joint meeting on Tuesday Nov 12th with the Auxiliary at 7:30. This will be our only meeting this month. The ladies are planning to serve us lunch afterwards.  We will have the opening ceremonies and a short meeting with the Auxiliary, then go to the next room to finish our meeting.

We need to discuss the Feather Party at the meeting. Every one that can work needs to call Bernard Kelley at 853-6432 or myself at 853-6260. Last year we had over 30 workers and Bernard has some new games for us to try so we need all the help we can get. The Feather Party will be Nov.23rd so keep that date open.

We will be raffling off a 19 in closed caption color tv. This tv can be used by the hearing impaired or if your wife wants to go to sleep and you don't you can still watch tv and read what is happening. We are sending you 20 tickets to sell at $1:00 apiece. Give them the ticket with only the number on it and turn in the ticket with their name on it and the money to Steve, Bernard or myself. Like last year the Legionnaire that turns in the most tickets before the Feather Party starts will win a steak for two. This year the steak for two will be at guys place when he gets it open. Last year Stanley Nelson and Dale Kimball tied with 60 each. Any one that needs more tickets can see Steve or me. This is our best (netting) project so lets sell those tickets.


On Veterans Day we remember how men and women set aside their civilian pursuits to serve their nation's cause, defending the freedom of man and preserving our precious American heritage.

We recognize that service to our country and her cause does not end with the termination of military service. We continue our endeavors in behalf of an honorable world peace with a feeling of profound gratitude to god, and to the men and women who gave their lives as their part of the cost of this noblest of causes.

We will put the flags out on the light poles Sunday and Monday for Veterans Day.



December 1991



With the chicken meal and the Feather Party it's been a busy month! Once again I would like to thank the Auxiliary for everything they do for us.

It's great to see all the Legionnaires & wives pulling together to make the Feather Party a success. One of my goals when I became Commander was to put the Feather Party on without any help from the Milford Legion. Well it wasn't obtainable this year.  Bernard & Marlene made a list of everyone that worked and came up with 35 people. That is a lot of people, but everyone was working hard and brakes were few if not non-existent. Thanks to all of the workers. This is a list of the Milford members that helped so if you see them tell them thanks. Dick Long, Gerold McCoy, Harlan Gould, Keith Hemphill, & Cyril Zweibahmer.

This is how the profit on Feather Party went:

                      Income   Expense   Profit

Ham              $ 90.00   $ 37.00   $ 53.00

Horse Race      250.00      00.00    250.00

Bingo             950.00    491.00    459.00

Games            660.00      82.00    578.00

Bar                 284.00    100.00?  184.00

TV                 1032.00    263.00    769.00

                      _______    _______  _______

Total              3266.00    973.00   2292.00

We had a tie between Stanley Nelson & Dale Kimball for selling the most raffle tickets (60) so each will get a free meal. Good work!

On December 4 th we had our program on flag etiquette at the school.  We gave out 250 pamphlets on flag etiquette. I would like to thank the following people for helping. Lyman Bailey, Dale Luehring, Bernard Kelley, Dennis Jackson, Dave Brant, and Steve Oleson. I am inclosing a copy of the speech that I gave.

Dec. 7th 1941, everyone knows what happened that day, but do you know who was Dickinson Counties first KIA was? or who Terril's first KIA was?  Come to the meeting on Thursday to find out.





January 1992



 This next meeting will be an historic event for our Legion! the state Commander will be here to present our  post with the charter for the" Sons of the American Legion". The ceremony will start at 7:30 not 8:00 on Thursday January 30 th at the Legion. We will have refreshments afterwards. The public has been invited to share in this event. Don't forget your hats.

 This Sunday we will have our pancake breakfast. Last month I did a good job of messing things up. I need to apologize to Harley Kraft. Harley is truly a dedicated Legion member to get up early on Sunday morning,come to the breakfast that had been canceled (I forgot to call him) and still not be too mad at me. Sorry Harley!

 The Super Bowl party went well, we sold all the squares. All the bills are not in yet but it looks like we should make about $ 700.00. I would like to thank the following people that I know participated in making the Super Bowl a success.

Tim           Harley        Steve         Craig         Guy           Ralph         Jeff          Mike P.      Dale



February 1992



I would like to thank everyone that came to the meeting last month and give my personal thanks to all the SAL members! They are a big asset to our Legion. I do have to say that I was disappointed with the poor turnout of our Legion members. There were more members there from other posts than from our own post.

I deposited $ 390.00 in our building fund from the pancake breakfast last month. Bill finished our other grill so we set both grill in the west room and served the people as they came by. It seemed to work well that way and you get more personal contact. I'd like to thank the following people for helping.

Ed Wollner          Steve Oleson        Marc Oleson

Jean Oleson         Adam Nelson       Harley Kraft                           

Thad Nelson        Candie Nelson      Josh Nelson

Because this is the 50th anniversary of WW II I would like to take down the WW I display and put up a WW II display. If you have any ideas on this, I would appreciate them.


We will hold our meeting at the Hangar on Thursday Feb.27. You can come and have a meal with us at 7:00 or come to the meeting at 7:30. Hope to see you there at 7:00.



March 1992



I'm sorry to announce that the Legion lost a member that has always supported us. Dale Upward passed away this month. Our sympathy is with Eleanor and her family. We will be dedicating Dale's flag this Memorial Day.

There has been a big push by the State Legion to make sure that all Legions are incorporated. The corporations are only good for 50 yrs. and a lot of them have run out and not been renewed leaving the Legion and its members unprotected. I checked on ours and we were incorporated in 1957 so we are all right until 2007.


Pancake Breakfast: we took in about $325.00

Ryan Oleson       Marc Oleson         Jodi Oleson

Jean Oleson        Steve Oleson        Adam Nelson

Josh Nelson        Candie Nelson      Ed Wollner

Dave Brant

The Wedding Dance:  Tim Matthews        Candie Nelson

I would also like to thank the Hangar for letting us meet there last month and the delicious meal that we had.

We now have a new door in the back of the Legion, it's a big improvement.

Steve and I attended a legion leadership meeting at Marcus on Sunday. We learned some new things that we will bring up at the meeting.

We are going to have a Vegas night on the 11th of April. We will need everyones' help. The money will go into our building fund. We are raffling off a glider rocker this time, so we are sending along twenty tickets for you to sell. The top two sellers will get a steak for two at the Hangar. At bingo we will give away hams. We will play cards and practice black jack after the meeting.

The Lutheran Brotherhood is going to donate $400.00 to the Legion to make the Legion building wheel chair accessible. They will also provide labor.

The Auxiliary is going to give us a birthday cake for our Legion's birthday this month. The lunch committee is also going to serve barbecued turkey.

 Commander Nelson

I would like all the SAL members to come to the meeting at 7:00 on the 26th. We need to discuss our hats and committees along with membership.

S.A.L. Commander Von Ehwegen



April 1992



We took in $400.00 on the omelet breakfast. I would like to thank the following people for helping.

Loni Brant             Dale Langner        Josh Nelson

Denny Jackson      Stan Nelson          Steve Oleson

Robert Ehwegen    Adam Nelson        Thad Nelson

Arin Nelson           Jean Nelson

 We didn't have a lot of people come to our Vegas night but it still turned out to be a good night. I would like to thank Lonie Brant for getting the chair for us. Craig Ehwegen sold 35 tickets, the next highest was 20 tickets sold by most Legionnaires so Craig will get a steak for two from the Hangar. This is our profit:

Bingo              $200.00

Chair               $700.00

Bar                   $ 75.00

Black jack       $470.00

Other                $ 55.00


    Total          $1500.00

We have about $5800.00 in our building fund. We have already made some of the repairs on our list and we will have a report on theses and others from our building committee.

The memorial committee met and we will get a full report from them but there is a few things I need to mention.

1. We need WWII display items for our case like bayonets pictures of WWII or WWII equipment.

2. The Memorial Comm. has ordered 12 very impressive Legion jackets for the color guard. We will have one at the meeting for you to see.

3. we need your WWII uniforms! We are going to try to have our color guard be WWII vets in their uniforms, one from Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. If you have one of these uniforms and can't fit in it like most of us maybe we can get someone that can. If you have your uniform or any part of it we want to hang it with your name on it in the Legion on Memorial Day.

Some other things.

1. The S.A.L. hats are here.

2. Dewey Tokelson will talk to us about fellowship of Christian Athletes Camp.

3. Steve will need some volunteers to help with the       

    pancake breakfast this Sunday.

4. We will have ham sandwiches at our meeting.

Commander Nelson



May 1992



We will hold our meeting on Thursday May 21st at 8:00 p.m. to organize things for Memorial Day. There has been a change in speakers due to an illness, Ed Bleeker from Ruthven will be our speaker.

We will put out the flag poles on Saturday at 8:00 a.m. and go to the Hangar for coffee & rolls afterwards. Then on Sunday at 7:30 a.m. we will put out the flags. We need all the help we can get to do this so please show up.

Our Legion jackets are here so we will have them for Memorial Day.

The S.A.L. will be grilling hamburgers after the services on Monday so bring your family and friends.

We want all WW II uniforms for our display, get them out, that's an order.

We will be dedicating dale upwards flag and giving continuous membership pins to the following legionnaires:

     45 yrs                         40 yrs                           35 yrs

Raymond Krieger        Ed Wollner                Duane Gunderson

Dr Moore                     Don Von Ehwegen

Stanley Nelson             Marvin Swenson

Vernon Pedersen

Weldon Rubis

Leonard Zitterich

Lake Park Legion has ask us to provide a color guard and other marchers for their Centennial parade on the 4th of July. all the other Legion post in the county will be represented, I told them we would.

Last year we voted to go to a Twins game but arrangements couldn't be made. Our entertainment committee has booked us a bus to see the Twins on Sunday afternoon July 19th so plan on joining us.



June 1992



I would like to thank the Memorial Day committee and everyone that participated on Memorial Day. We had a lot of good comments on the uniforms. Weldon Lewis and Guy Eick brought things for us to display in our case, thanks guys.

The meal went over real well. I think everyone appreciated being able to sit down and visit with friends after the ceremony. Some Legion members liked it so much that they offered to give $1.00 to the Commanders project. Thanks S.A.L.

This month is election month. If the election doesn't run smoothly it's my fault, I haven't been keeping in touch with the election committee.

Scott Tifft called and said that he had a great time at Boys State and thanked us for sending him. He will come to our July meeting and give us a report.

We are going to start working on the Legion Monday June 29 at 6:00 pm. There is a lot of work that needs to be done and we can save money by doing it ourselves. The lunch and entertainment committee will provide us with grilled hamburgers and hot dogs. The Auxiliary is welcome also. Bring hammers, saws, tape measures and any other tools you think we could need.

The Seventh Day Advent School has offered to sell us their folding chairs for $5.00 each. These are the heavy ones and well worth the money. There are 100 chairs. We will discuss this at the meeting.

We need to know who will be going to the Twins game on July 19th. The cost for transportation and the game is  $25.00. You can buy drinks on the bus. There will be coffee and rolls at the Legion before the bus leaves.



July 1992



This month is the Commanders Steak Fry. We will start the meal at 6:30 with the meeting at 7:30 p.m..

This meeting we the election committee will hold elections. We have dedicated Legionnaires willing to fill the offices but we will take nominations from the floor if you so desire. Scott Tifft will tell us about his experiences at Boys State.

The election committee has made their difficult decision from several deserving candidates for Legionnaire of the Year and will present the award Thursday night.

Our Sons of the American Legion and our Legion participated in the color guard for the Lake Park Centennial Parade. Milford has also asked that we join them in their Centennial Parade on Saturday.

Our building repairs are coming alone well. In visiting with Rich, I think that we can plan on having the building painted after the 15th of August. We need to pick a color so bring your ideas to the meeting.

The Auxiliary gave us a very generous donation of      $ 1000.00 to help with our building repairs, so if you see any of the Auxiliary please thank them how much you appreciate the money.

I would like to thank:

Mike Powell, Mike Meyer and Tim Matthews for working the wedding dance.

Marv Swenson and the crew for putting on the pancake breakfast.

Harley Craft and the entertainment committee for putting together the trip to the Twins game, I heard a lot of good comments about the Legion putting on the trip.

We will be collecting your $20.00 dues at the steak fry. If you can not come to the steak fry please send your $20.00 to Walsh post 432 as soon possible. We want to reach 100% membership by the end of August.



August 1992



Your Legion building really looks great! That helps make the town look better! Those are the comments we have been getting on our building and it does look good. The painting is done and we need to get our Legion sign done and a little other outside work done.

Steve and I attended the Auxiliary meeting with a color chart and showed them two colors that we had picked out. They said that either color would be all right so we chose the dune. As it turned out that was as dark as they could make this paint.

Legion & S.A.L. members tore down the building at the cemetery this month. When they build a new one in September we can store our flag poles in it. That will make a lot of backs happy. We also helped run 1 1/2 blocks of concrete for the town. Tim's new machine save a lot of work.

The SAL will present the school with a flag on opening day (Aug 31). at 8:15 the school kids will assemble outside and Scott Tifft and Penny Rouse will raise the flag. It would be nice to have as many Legion & SAL members there as possible.

Craig and I represented the Legion at the meetings on the marquee. Craig has taken care of the hog roast. The Legion will use this opportunity to put on a flag disposal ceremony. We will need people to help with the ceremony. It will take place about 7:00 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 31.

Come to the meeting on Thursday, Aug. 27th at 8:00 and check out our new look.

Please send in your membership if you haven't already done so.



November 1992




For those of you that could not attend the Veterans Day program put on by the Terril seniors you really missed a great program. I know that most of us got a lump in our throat. It was nice to see to see our three SAL members that are in school participate, Josh Nelson, Thad Nelson and Scott Tifft. It was nice to see our representatives from Boys and Girls State give speeches, Scott Tifft and Penny Rouse. There were other great speeches and singers, we have it on tape if anyone wants to see it.

Feather Party

I know that with harvest being late this year it’s going to be difficult to help with the Feather Party but we need all the workers we can get. The Feather Party gives us enough money to operate on for the year. We will be setting up bingo and the games at 1:00 on Saturday if we have plenty of help it doesn't take very long. bingo and the games will start at 7:00. Tickets, tickets, tickets. get those tickets sold for the 20" color tv. this is usually our biggest money maker.

We took in $ 320.00 on the pancake breakfast this month. I would like to thank the Vietnam vets for putting it on.

Steve Oleson            Tim Matthews

Jeff Thiesen              Roger Tiff

Denny Jackson

The meeting will be this Thursday Nov 19th at 8:00 pm.

Commander Nelson



December 1992



We will not have a meeting this month.

I would like to thank everyone who helped make the Feather Party a success. I know it was a busy and trying time of year for many of you. It looks like we made about $ 2500 on the Feather Party. The winners of the steak for two at the Hangar are Sam Zehnder with 50 and Cleo Hopkins with 31.

I would like to thank Dan Kelly, Adam Nelson, Scott Tifft, and Steve Oleson for presenting the colors at the basket ball game.

We would very much welcome, for our display case, any pictures of members, past members, or persons whose flag we have and fly on Memorial Day.

Because December is such a busy time of year and there is little business to discuss this month we won't have a meeting so you can stay home and enjoy your family.

Merry Christmas

Commander Nelson