Circulation Solutions FAQ

As specialists in promoting wellbore integrity and stability, the circulation experts at Circulation Solutions often get asked to share their experiences in drilling, completion and production. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers from our circulation experts.

What makes BiCenter Beads different than any other bead?

Our BiCenter Beads are made up of different sizes and specific gravities, giving us a 360 degree coating around your wellbore. Although, we cannot disclose the components and makeup of the product, we can assure you that the product is effective and has decreased time of drilling with numerous operators for years.

What is the difference between your ASFiber and other conventional LCM such as walnut, sawdust, or cottonseed hulls?

Our ASFiber - Fine and ASFiber - Medium are proprietary blends of fibrosis and granular materials made up to eight different components. Those components are all made of eight different particle sizes. What makes us different from other competitors is our psd range from 5-4000 UM which provides a larger range to plug up the pore throat or fracture in a wellbore.

What is Multi-Squeeze?

MultiSqueeze is a customized lost circulation material that is a proprietary engineered cross-linked polymer. The basic chemistry formulates a highly effective pliable plug that will penetrate into porous of fractured zones and form a solid seal in the inner and outer matrix of the formation.

Can I pump your products through my directional tools?

Yes. MultiSqueeze, ASFiber - Fine, ASFiber - Medium, ShaleBlock and BiCenter Beads are designed to be MWD-friendly. After hundreds of applications, through nearly every directional companies/tools, we have never had a loss of time due to difficulties pumping out product through any MWD or any other direction equipment.

What concentrations of your products can I pump through my tools?

We routinely pump our material in concentrations as high as 80 ppb through directional tools of all types. We have not had any recorded incidents of loss time or plugging off of any tools.

Do you require any special mixing or mixing equipment when pumping MultiSqueeze?

No. MultiSqueeze is designed to be mixed in the rig pits or pump truck pits and pumped with the rig pumps or pump truck. We have performed squeezes on every type of land rig as well as every type of completions rig (i.e. workover, coil tubing unit).

What is the typical concentration of your products?

All of our applications are custom engineered to each specific situation. We do not have standard volumes or concentrations for any of our products or applications; rather, we provide a specific procedure aimed at taking all of the variables of your well into account.

Do you send a technician out with your products? 

Yes. We have highly trained, experienced field service representatives to assist you in applying our products anywhere in the continental U.S and offshore. Although Circulation Solutions' products are user friendly and can be applied without our assistance, we do provide an engineer on our jobs to ensure proper product application if requested.