About Us

Circulation Solutions, LLC is a Texas-based company specializing in products that promote wellbore integrity and stability. Our team of circulation experts have more than 50 years combined experience in drilling, completion and production. We understand the challenges facing oil and gas companies today, and our products are geared toward minimizing the impact of loss circulation, differential sticking, shale instability, formation damage, torque & drag, poor cementing practices and holes in casing which often plague projects.

Circulation Loss Solutions

Circulation Solutions goes beyond providing effective and environmentally safe products, our experienced team of experts are ready to assist around the clock to ensure our customers' needs are met.

We understand no matter what the situation, downtime can be costly to the operator and throw a project completely off schedule. Our team is ready to work with our customers to evaluate each project's needs and find a custom engineered solution that is both, effective and affordable.


Sales Team

  • Kimberly Freude - South Texas
  • Sheri Beeson - Dallas/Fort Worth
  • Dale "Wolf" Johnson - Oklahoma
  • Roy Plessala - Louisiana


  • Shepherd Supply - Permian (Drilling)
  • PVC - Permian (Cased Hole)
  • Wellwatchers, INC Colorado/New Mexico/Utah/Wyoming (Drilling/Cased Hole)
  • EPI Oil and Gas - California/Iraq (Drilling/Cased Hole)
  • Blisston Nigeria, Ltd. - Nigeria (Drilling/Cased Hole)


  • Mark Laurent - Vice President of Operations
  • Zach Grichor - Vice President of Business/Product Development

Senior Management

  • Jerry Beeson - CEO
  • John Zulk - CFO
  • Josh Nelson - Owner

Support Services

  • Patricia Helmich AR/AP Manager
  • Kevin Robinson Sales Support