Why We're One of the Top Wellbore Stability & Environmental Solution Service Companies in the Industry

Wellbore Stability

Circulation Solutions, LLC specializes in products that promote wellbore integrity and stability for oil and gas drilling, production and completion projects. Circulation Solution's products can be used independently or in tandem with other wellbore stability solutions to minimize the effects of lost circulation, seepage, differential sticking, shale instability, and formation damage. At Circulation Solutions, LLC, we separate ourselves from the pack by putting an emphasis on safe, environmentally friendly products offered with top tier technical assistance.

Our team has been designing and producing solutions in the oilfield industry for more than 50 years combined. Throughout this time, we have developed and perfected cutting-edge solutions that combat inefficiencies during Drilling and Cased Hole applications caused by Loss Circulation; Torque & Drag and poor Cementing Practices. Our easy to implement solutions and 24/7 technical assistance allows our customers to maximize every effort throughout the entire well process, increasing overall profit margins.

Environmental Solution Services

For nearly a quarter of a century, Circulation Solutions' products have been providing solutions to a diverse array of industries from oil & gas drilling, production, refineries, degassing hydrocarbons, water treatment, oil treatment, enhanced oil recovery and everywhere in between. At its core, our products use an innovative cleaning technology that accelerates the biodegradation process found in nature, essentially making oil biodegradable. Our products are readily-biodegradable, safe, and non-toxic proprietary blends of surfactants commonly used for controlling and cleaning hydrocarbon spills, contamination by petroleum products, and other surfaces contaminated by oil and grease.

Circulation Solutions is very aggressive with our Research & Development efforts, continually developing products to assist in preventing and solving wellbore integrity & Environmental Solution Service needs. Our team of experts will analyze each project individually to determine the best product implementation to minimize hurdles and maximize each client's overall AFE.

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